Jamal Abdel Nasser, on the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt




Gamal Abdel Nasser Receiving Ernesto Che Guevara.
Jamal Abdel Nasser Receiving Ernesto Che Guevara.


  Jamal Abdel Nasser : President of the United Arab Republic [from 1952 to 1970].

  Translated by: Saeb Shaath


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The parties have been dissolved  and we clashed with Muslim brotherhood party. During 1953 and 1954, Party of the Muslim Brotherhood wanted to influence the course of the Revolution and submit  it to their guardianship. We were not in agreement. Then, they have declared war on us and tried to assassinate me  in Alexandria, October 26, 1954. The battle has begun and we imprisoned the  terrorist members of the party.

Cheers from the people : “no to the reactionaries! No to Muslim Brotherhood”!

Non-exploitation of religions!

In the year 1954, while we were  negotiating withdrawal terms   with the English occupation forces from Egypt, the ‘brothers’ held their secret meetings with  staff members of the British Embassy. They told the British: ‘we can take over power, we will do this and that… ‘. ». That was taking place , during our negotiations with British British empire , meanwhile the Party of the Muslim Brotherhood in  no way acted as patriot Egyptians.

To the question: ‘ what is your position on the Canal. ” [i.e. The Suez Canal] for which we were fighting, there Morshid   [i.e. The Guide]  answered the question! It’s you who are interested, in Egypt to fight for the canal; We have a consideration to fight elsewhere! ». This is the message of Muslim brothers, they are misleading the masses and  trading in religion!

In 1953, we sincerely  considered to work with them and to make sure they are on the right way. I myself met the supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood who has put conditions to us:

 Their Morshid demanded of us ‘In the first place, you should impose “Hijab” -“veil” on  Egypt’s women’   he stated.

Laughter and thunderous applause to the cry of: ” he should wear the veil himself!”

He told me: ‘as a leader, this is your responsibility!

I told him: Morshid “guide”, you have a daughter enrolled in the Faculty of medicine, who  does not wear a veil. So why don’t you make here  wear it? If you are unable to impose the veil on a single girl, in this case your daughter, you want that of me alone, to throw the veil on ten million women in this country! ».

Laughter and thunderous applause…

The Morshid “guide”  added  : “women must not work! »

I said by allowing women to work, we protect  women from misery. We know all the stories of poor women, sick or healthy, who have had to survive… The work is a protection for women. Prevent them from work goes against society interest. We are working on empowering women so that men and women can mutually support each other!

His conditions and demands  do not stop there! He demanded  of us ‘to close cinemas, theatres’… to immerse  Egypt  in darkness! [Mischievous smile].

Laughter of the audience…

Obviously, we couldn’t give in to their demands. They fought us. In 1954, they have embarked on their assassination attempts and their ‘deception’  using religion; eventually  some of them ended up convicted by the tribunal of the Revolution.

That was before the adoption of the Constitution,  when we decided to pardon them and released them from the prisons. We have even enacted a law enabling  them to go back to work, claim  their  salaries, work  promotions  and guaranteed  their  rights in all areas.

 Audience Cheers…

That is what we did in 1964. But in 1965, we discovered their secret organizations plotting a new conspiracy,  they  carried out attacks on the country’s  infrastructure and I was a target as well. A plot with a rather amazing ruthlessness : the Egyptian people would be ‘apostate ‘. “They are Muslims brotherhood , therefore they have to  take power  to guarantee that  God governs in the country , not man!”

Ok! But how could God govern without Prophet? We know all that at the beginning of Islam there was a prophet! They said: “we refuse the Sunni representation. We reject the parliamentary representation. We want the Government of God! ».

But who could therefore ensure that Government of God? They can!. Their Morshid  “guide”  is therefore the Prophet of God and we are all apostates. All Arab countries, even those that receives and supports them today, including rulers and citizens are apostates. This is what they told us: they are the only Muslims!

The audience : they are brothers of  Devils…

Naturally, they were arrested. It was certainly not a trivial operation to try to assassinate Gamal Abdel Nasser. But for one Gamal Abdel Nasser murdered arise thousand more! It is not possible to murder a whole nation. Whatever the circumstances, we cannot tolerate their destructive operations, nor their fascist behavior  and ideology   seeking  to govern on behalf of God, while they are actually motivated by hatred.

We have therefore commenced to investigate  the history of each of them who were involved or  collaborated with the secret organizations. We will do the same with the heads and dangerous members of their secret organizations,  who were released  from prison in 1964… The rest will be released and they shall be entitled to a second chance.

Enough is enough! We will not allow them to endanger  our national  achievements of the past nineteen years,  which were attained  through hardship and  suffering. We cannot rely on the henchmen of the colonizers and the reactionaries, regardless of their names, and even if the name is that of so-called Muslim Brotherhood. We all know that, in this case, their Islam is a hoax intended to entrap more people in joining them. They are just a dark force full of  hatred. Their leaders have worked with those of the “Baghdad Pact” and those of the colonial  countries. They have collaborated with our enemies. They have clearly shown that the movement of the Muslim Brotherhood is nothing other than a tool  used to serve the colonial powers and its reactionary puppets.

Our principles forbid us from leaving these collaborators of colonialism and feudalism causing more harm to our country. We shall protect Egypt’s future and ensure the nation’s achievements. In 1954, they tried to kill the Revolution while serving  the interests of colonialism. We  succeeded  to reach an agreement  with the English colonial power , who was occupying us on the date, forcing the occupation to agree to the withdrawal from Egypt within a maximum of 20 months. This is the time they chose to launch their deadly operations and tried to assassinate me in Alexandria.

We knocked them out and we were able to halt them. Today, the people  of Egypt do despise the Muslim brotherhood since they  know who are they. We did give them a second chance, they did not want it to work.

As I already told you, the four years preceding the ‘Battle of Port Said,” the enemy forces of the Revolution have tried by all means to weaken us and tried to limit the scope of the revolution. They have failed! The Egyptian people have not weakened or surrendered. The  attack was a bloody  aggression, but it failed! The result forced our firm and unwavering commitment to achieve  our real and total independence.

We say that it is only after this failure, the century of freedom began, to which we as well as our parents aspired, and for which our grandparents fought before us. Yes… that is after the failure of the assault, our Revolution began!

Gamal Abdel Nasser

President of the United Arab Republic [from 1952 to 1970].

Translated by: Saeb Shaath 12/2/2013