Torturing to death of Palestinian prisoner Jadarat sparks a 3rd Intifada.

Torturing to death of the Palestinian prisoner Jadarat in ‘Israeli’ custody
Torturing to death of the Palestinian prisoner Jadarat



Ramallah (SaebPress) – Thousands of angry Palestinians rallied in the Gaza Strip and occupied West Bank today  Sunday condemning  the torturing to death of the Palestinian prisoner Jadarat in  an ‘Israeli’ custody. Arafat Jadarat, 30, died in ‘Israeli’ custody on Saturday, allegedly from a cardiac arrest. Over 4,000 Palestinian prisoners launched a hunger strike action on Sunday in protest over the torturing to death of prisoner Jadarat by ‘Israeli’ forces .

Arafat  Jaradat, worked in a gas station and was the father of a 4-year-old girl and 2-year-old boy. Arafat Jaradat was arrested  by the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces last Monday for throwing stones at their cars in the occupied  West Bank last November during ‘Israel’s’  war on the Gaza Strip.

“When he was under interrogation, the interrogator told him, ‘Say goodbye to your kids,’ ” Mr. Jaradat’s uncle, Musa, said at the Ramallah news conference.

“I accuse the State of ‘Israel’ of subjecting him to tough physical and psychological pressure, the prisoner, Arafat Jaradat was subjected to a heavy and severe torture.” Issa Qaraqa, the Palestinian minister for prisoner affairs, said at a news conference in Ramallah, in the occupied West Bank.

In the  occupied West Bank, ‘Israeli’ forces and Palestinian protestors clashed in Tulkarem,  Hebron, Beit Ummar and al-Arrub refugee camp, with  occupation soldiers who firing live fire, tear gas and sound grenades at demonstrators, locals said.

 In al-Arrub refugee camp, one man was injured after ‘Israeli’ forces used live fire, an ‘Israeli’ military sources said.

Atallah Abu al-Sabah,  Gaza’s Hamas minister of prisoner affairs, called for the kidnapping ‘Israeli’ soldiers “instead of pursuing playful negotiations that brought nothing to the Palestinian cause.” Abu al-Sabah said.

“We’re facing an Intifada,” Qadura Fares, president of the Palestinian Prisoners Society, told reporters. “The hunger-striking prisoners and the tense demonstrations, the violent clashes during which Palestinian civilians are killed, and the frozen peace process — all indicate that we’re sitting on a barrel of dynamite. It may very well be that Jaradat’s death will turn out to have been the match that lit it.” Fares said.

Palestinian Authority Minister of Detainees Issa Qaraqe  said Jadarat died after being tortured during interrogation by ‘Israeli’ forces and demanded an international investigation into the interrogation techniques used by ‘Israel’. Mr. Qaraka, the minister for prisoner affairs, said that Mr. Jaradat had been the 203rd prisoner to die from torture during Israeli interrogations since 1967.

Issa Qaraqe  said that the mass popular protests are in direct response to what the ‘Israeli’ occupation is doing…”The  Intifada does not need a decision. It comes automatically in response to what the ‘Israeli’  occupation is doing against us. If President Obama wants to visit the area quietly, he has to pressure Israel to release prisoners, especially hunger strikers,” Qaraqe said.

Meanwhile, PLO official Nabil Shaath said that the Palestinian leadership does not want a third Intifada, but “what ‘Israel’ is doing will drag the region into a bloody cycle of violence.” …”No one in the Palestinian leadership plans for a third Intifada, but what Israel is doing makes Palestinians angry. No one can predict what will happen, or whether we can control the situation. ”  Shaath said.

The ‘Israeli’  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has demanded that the Palestinian Authority to halt all popular protests and calm the situation. Isaac Molho, Netanyahu’s special envoy, also sent a message to the Palestinian leadership that ‘Israeli’ officials described as an “unequivocal demand to restore quiet on the ground.”

Amid escalating demonstrations in the occupied  West Bank  Netanyahu  also ordered the release of January tax revenues to the PA, $100 million which ‘Israel’ has withheld since November as punishment for the UN’s acceptance of Palestine as a non-member state.

800,000 Palestinians had been imprisoned by Israel since 1967.