Anonymous hacks Mossad



Gaza (SaebPress) — Anonymous hacks Mossad site, gaining access to top-secret documents., releases agents’ alleged records. The international hacktivist group Anonymous announced that they had hacked the official web page of Israeli secret service MOSSAD. Anonymous said on its Twitter page that it gained access to the personal data of more than 30,000 Israeli officials, including military officials, politicians and Mossad agents, and that its releasing the agents records gradually.

Anonymous has launched a series of cyber attacks against ‘Israeli’ websites since November 2012 in retaliation for ‘Israeli’ attacks on the Gaza Strip. This time Anonymous  hacktivists are releasing the hacked information of  thousands of names, ID numbers, email addresses and geographic data allegedly corresponding to ‘Israeli’ politicians, IDF officers and even Mossad agents. Anonymous said it had launched the OpIsrael campaign following threats by Tel Aviv to cut all Gaza’s telecommunication links.



Anonymous operation #opisrael
Anonymous operation #opisrael



Anonymous operation Dubbed “#OpIsrael” campaign on Twitter, aims at wiping ‘Israel’  from  cyber space by April 7, since then Anonymous communities around the globe  are targeting official ‘Israeli’ web domains, evidently causing disruption to the official website of spy agency Mossad via a self-described “sophisticated DDoS” attack. The Mossad site was rendered inactive during the morning hours and was only back in service toward noon. While no statement was available from official Israeli authorities.

Anonymous announced that they had obtained a document with thousands of top secret information which would gradually be uploaded into the internet. The data was released by a hacker team going by the name of “The Red Hack,” a Turkish group, while the direct denial-of-service attack targeted at Mossad was attributed to another group operating under the moniker “Sektor 404.” Many of the ‘Israeli ‘ sites had their homepages replaced with messages in support of the Palestinians.