EX-IAEA chief exposes US fabrications on Iran nuclear program: Saeb Shaath.




Hans Blax  former IAEA chief, on Iran nuclear.
Hans Blax former IAEA chief, on Iran nuclear.



An analyst says the former head of IAEA’s confirmation of Iran’s nuclear program as solely for peace exposes US sanctions used as a barbaric tool of war against Iran.


In the background of this former IAEA chief Hans Blax has come out and said there is no evidence and has never been evidence that Iran isn’t even interested in producing weapons of mass destruction. He said further that the threat of a nuclear Iran is “over-hyped”. He confirmed that Iran has so far not at all violated the Nuclear Proliferation treaty and therefore no action can be justified against Iran in the form of sanctions, punishment or intimidation based on mere suspicions.

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Press TV has interviewed Saeb Shaath, author and Middle East expert, about this issue. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.


Saeb Shaath, author and Middle East expert.
Saeb Shaath, author and Middle East expert.


Press TV: If there is so such evidence pointing to the fact that Iran’s nuclear energy program does not have a military dimension to it, then why all the pressure, the sanctions and the allegations? Do you think may be the US and its allies are harboring ulterior motives with their stance?


Shaath: Excellent question. Let me summarize it in this way… the former IAEA chief Hans Blix remarks to both the US and Israel of the false accusations to Iran that Iran is planning to develop nuclear arms under real scrutiny in here. Since the man is considered a world’s leading expert in the field, after all, he was the former IAEA chief, Hans Blix said there is no evidence to prove Iran is even interested in producing weapons of mass destruction.


He confirms what Iran has been saying all along that its nuclear program is intended solely for peaceful purposes while Israel and the United States are beating their drums of war against Iran.


The former chief raised four key points in here:


One, he confirmed what we know that Iran never violated the Nuclear non Proliferation Treaty (NPT);


Second, he confirmed as well what the Iranian leadership has been saying for years that there is no evidence whatsoever that Iran is interested in producing weapons of mass destruction i.e. nuclear, chemical or biological;


The third point is that Iran has been opened to international inspections more than most other countries, which in here he was hinting at Israel in particular;


And the fourth key point, which is telling what the whole story is about when he said, no actions can be justified against Tehran, based on mere suspicions.



So the international expert told us in short that Iran’s civil nuclear program is being targeted by the West and ‘Israeli’  the Zionist entity with total lies and fabrication.



And why is that? In short, it’s de-development criminal policy as I can  see it, to weaken Iran and the region as well, the only real power in the region Iran, to  be weakend through a combination of imposing crippling sanctions, which hurt the Iranian people first.


A combination as well of sabotaging operations targeting key infrastructures in Iran; assassination campaign against Iranian scientists and elite; and political and media demonization campaigns against Iran accusing it of harboring terrorists or being a rogue state.



Why is that, all together? One,  it is to loot Iran’s  wealth, which was liberated in the Iranian revolution in 1979 from out of the control of the West and Israel; two, the West wants to sure ‘Israel’  as a regional power, as a sort of local or regional power without any balancing  power to counter it or to keep it in check for  all the crimes  against humanity the Zionist entity commits in the Arab world against the Palestinians and in the Islamic world. We notice what they do in Lebanon also.


It’s a De Ja Vu actually. What happened in Iraq, they tried to repeat it in Iran. But the difference is massive… Iran learned the lesson.


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