‘Israeli’ occupation deporting hunger striker Sharawna to Gaza.



GAZA (SaebPress) — ‘Israeli’ occupation deported  hunger striker Sharawna to  Gaza,Ayman Sharawna arrived to Gaza on Sunday evening  ending his 8-month long hunger strike in ‘Israeli’ prisons.

A Palestinian ambulance was waiting to take Sharawna to Gaza’s Shifa hospital. Hundreds of Palestinian people gathered at the ‘Erez crossing’ checkpoint to receive their hero him.

Sharawna accepted an agreement with ‘Israeli’ occupation authorities to be deported to Gaza for 10 years, bringing an end to his 8-month long hunger strike.

SaebPress learnt that ‘Israeli’ occupation authorities were pressuring Samer Issawi, who has been on hunger strike for 228 days, to accept and sign a similar agreement.

Ayman Sharawna inside the Shifa Hospital in  Gaza
Ayman Sharawna inside the Shifa Hospital in Gaza


Ayman Sharawna, is from the occupied West Bank city of Hebron, a husband and a father of nine children.,Ayman Sharawna was released in the Oct. 2011 prisoner swap deal between ‘Israel’ and Hamas, ‘Israeli’ occupation accused him of violating the terms of his release and rearrested him in Jan. 2012. ‘Israeli’ occupation authorities refused to reveal to his lawyers how Sharawna managed to violate his release terms and he was jailed without charge or trial.

The zionist ‘Israeli’ prosecutors sought to jail Sharawna for 28 years, the remainder of his previous sentence. Ayman Sharawna went on hunger strike fighting for his freedom .