US, Britain, France repeat imperial intentions in Syria: Saeb Sha’ath




Map - 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement  سايكس بيكو
Map – 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement سايكس بيكو


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A Middle East expert says just as the British and French divided the Ottoman Empire into colonies in the 1916…20s history is now being repeated with those countries along with the US seeking to colonize Syria.



The comment comes as a new binational YouGov-Cambridge poll indicates that the American and British publics are against any foreign military intervention in Syria aimed at overthrowing the government of President Bashar al-Assad.


Press TV has conducted an interview with author and Middle East expert, Saeb Shaath, to further discuss the issue. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.


Press TV: Saeb Shaath if you were to give the results of this poll to the French president and the UK prime minister obviously I don’t think that’s going to make a difference but shouldn’t it make a difference because this is tax payers money that is paying for their involvement in this war on Syria?


Sha’ath: Yeah, it should make a difference. That’s if they were really true democracies and they listened to the public opinion and their people. We have experienced during the voting for Palestine in the United Nations the same with public opinion 80 percent in the UK and France mainly behind the Palestinians and their government  as we seen didn’t support the Palestinians in the United Nations.


Those two countries if I want to focus on France and Britain specifically, they are the ones who are going against their own public opinion, against even the EU , they want to arm and support insurgency in Syria, and why all of that if we remember the countries in 1916 they have the Sykes-Picot agreement.


They used the Arabs of Arabia under the leadership of Lawrence  of Arabia at the time the British secret service officer they called it an Arab revolt against the Islamic Khalifa in Istanbul and then they caused mayhem and chaos.


These people surrendered the Arab world and the Arab nation to the British and the French colonization. They rewarded them [colonizers] and gave them East of Palestine as  the Kingdom of Jordan now for the Hashemite who came from Arabia and the other part of Palestine for the Zionists, the ‘Israelis’ who they expelled from Europe.


They divided the Arab world  into 21 countries colonized by the French and the British. Today they are doing the same thing. They want to re-amend the Sykes-Picot one to a Sykes-Picot two with the same help of the same people who came from Arabia, the Saudis, the Qataris and now they want to destroy Syria.


It doesn’t fit their plan as before. They want to redefine the area within religious, sectarian, ethnical, resources and geopolitical borderlines. That’s why they don’t listen to anyone; the United States of America, Barack Obama visiting Tel Aviv and insulting the Palestinians and insulting the whole world as well in his support to the Jewish entity ,and then  mending the relationship between ‘Israel’ and Turkey. It’s all about preparing the ground for more vicious actions which ‘Israel’ and turkey would be involved in against Syria to finish the Sykes-Picot plan and to prepare the ground  for a final execution.


Press TV: Quickly Saeb Sha’ath, I’m sure you have heard that there are many citizens of Europe we can mention both France and UK in this picture of which their dissolution by fighting a holy war in Syria. Yet they come back to their countries and they’re more extreme.


Aren’t they worried that this type of push to arm the insurgents is going to backfire when they have their own citizens going to Syria coming back and perhaps making their country insecure?


Sha’ath: Those people always they provided, London mainly and part of France as well, as a safe haven for all these radical clerics and ‘takfiri’ groups who were active in the sixties and seventies in Egypt and suddenly they transferred them to Afghanistan, we know what followed that  during the seventies. They always  were looked after, they are always part of a holy alliances between them and the Western intelligence agencies. Those people are coordinating highly with the British and the French authorities in what they are doing.  


So the British know who are in there and who are they bringing back. Am I worried about radicalization of the Islamic population in the UK ?  I’m not worried about that myself, but the British sort of authority would love to see that, since that can increase the levels of Islamophobia in here, and make the people hate Muslims and put Muslims in the context which they want to put them in.

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