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Syria entrenched in liberating Palestine: Saeb Shaath

Syria historically acting as a resistance movement more than a state within the Palestinian struggle for the liberation of Palestine.

SaebPress – Press TV

Press TV has conducted an interview with Saeb Sha’ath, author and Middle East, on the issue of a Palestinian group forming combat units to liberate occupied lands in the Golan Heights.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Let’s look at the significance of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine’s General Command (PFLP). What has happened since we haven’t really heard from them for several decades and now all of a sudden they’re saying they are willing, ready and able to liberate the Golan Heights?


Sha’ath: Let me correct this fact: the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine’s general command (PFLP) led by Ahmad Jabril was not idle for 40 years, not even for a day – they are engaged today in Damascus protecting the Palestinian refugees from the terror attacks in Syria.


For that matter its leader Ahmad Jabril lost his son just a few years ago, Jihad (Jabril), in a Zionist assassination, since Jihad was leading military operations for the group in the West Bank during the second Intifada.


The PFLP-GC, carried out many major attacks against the Zionist entity during the second Intifada. During the last war in Gaza last November, they attacked military posts in Tel Aviv – declared and claimed responsibility by the PFLP-GC. So, they weren’t idle.


Let me explain two important points here before I get into the significance of that: the occupied Golan Heights and the 1973 war. During that war according to senior Egyptian and Zionist sources as well – and I want to repeat what they told the commander of the Egyptian Second Army…Field Marshal Shazly,then , and repeated by Mohammed Hasaneen Hikael couple of months ago who was the late President Naser Information Minister and considered no. one political thinker in the Arab World  


He said during that war the Syrian army reached Huleh Lake and captured all of the Golan Heights and a significant part of northern Palestine including cities and Lake Tiberias, which surprised military planners on the Zionist and the American side at that time.


And sources said the Egyptian army used to receive 900 air sorties a day –‘Israeli’- while Syria Front used to receive 5,000 sorties a day. So we know what was going on.


And then the Egyptian President Sadat agreed to a ceasefire with ‘Israel’ without consulting his partners in that war, without even letting them know. And that’s why ‘Israel’  since has focused all its capabilities at the Golan Heights and captured half of it.


Press TV: I want to get to the point of why now that they are announcing that they are definitely going to try and liberate the Golan Heights at this point in time?


Sha’ath: Palestine is part of something geographically and historically called (Bilaad El Sham) or Greater Syria. So the Palestinians and the Lebanese they know that they belong to this identity – their mother is Syria.



And the Palestinian resistance has a duty and feels their duty to liberate the Golan Heights as their duty to liberate Jerusalem or West Bank or Gaza or any part of Palestine for that matter.


And the same thing for the Lebanese resistance -Their mother is Syria and Syria historically acting as a resistance movement more than a state within the Palestinian struggle for the liberation of Palestine. And that’s why sometimes you can see there are differences in tactics between Syria as a government and some Palestinian resistance -groups. But as strategy Syria is entrenched in the liberating of Palestine.


The PFLP General Command, they’ve taken that step to prove they are a part and they belong to that strategy of liberating Golan and focusing on the Golan as well. And they are in the Gaza Strip; they were part of defending the Gaza Strip during the last war.



Press TV: How do you think this announcement has affected Tel Aviv itself? Do you think it is having an effect on them – tell me your perspective on that aspect of this?


Sha’ath: The Zionist entity is terrified now. And the reasons for that are on the back of the meeting between the Russian foreign minister and Kerry, the United States foreign secretary.


On that, they are scared now for a week the talk is going on: that the Golan Heights is going to be opened for the resistance; that’s going to bring a lot of troubles to them since a lot of the Palestinians and Lebanese and Syrians were itching to open this front that was sealed with the armistice agreement after the 1973 war.


And now they see there is a quality of a kind of weaponry in the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance hands . They are worried and they are bringing many, many troops to the Golan Heights area.


UAE stabbed Palestine in back by normalising with Zionist entity ‘Israel’

Abbas :You cannot take our place…Palestine speaks in its own name. She is who will say ‘yes’ or ‘no’


on Tuesday, the Palestinian leadership held a meeting in West bank city of Ramallah, which was also attended by representatives of different Palestinian factions, including Islamic Jihad and Hamas.

Abbas condemned the UAE’s decision to normalise ties with Zionist entity”Israel”, saying it was a “stab in the back of the Palestinian people.”

Abbas accused the UAE of turning its back on Palestinians while trying to justify the deal with Zionist entity “Israel” by arguing it helped stop West bank annexations.

“They added the term annexation and attempted to give the others and the world the illusion that the UAE had come up with a great achievement for us and that is the rejection of annexation, as if the Palestinian issue is only about annexation while they disregard everything else: the rights of the Palestinian people, the Palestinian state, the two-state vision, holy Jerusalem [al-Quds]….This is deception, and this is totally unacceptable. We consider it a stab in the back of the Palestinian cause,” he emphasised.

Abbas also stressed that only the Palestinians have the right to speak on the Palestine issue. 

“You cannot can take our place…Palestine speaks in its own name. She is who will say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. You [are] not responsible for the Palestinian cause, we alone, the Palestinians here, will speak on behalf of the Palestinian cause,” he said.

Palestinians ‘united against conspiracy’

Additionally, Abbas hailed the presence of representative from different Palestinian factions at Tuesday’s meeting as a show of unity.

“I welcome our brothers in Hamas, Jihad, General Command and Al-Saiqa who are here today. This indicates that the Palestinian people are united against the conspiracy, regardless of the differences between us, but in adversity we stand together and have on position against anyone who wants to attack our cause,” he said.

Abbas reminded the Arab countries that based on the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative any normalisation with Zionist entity “Israel” should come after an agreement is reached between the Palestinians and Tel Aviv, and not the other way around.

“Some countries have begun moving, both openly and in secret…this is rejected, and we the Palestinians will continue to absolutely reject this, no matter which country does this. You must respect the decisions on which you have signed off,” he said.

On Tuesday, “Israeli” media cited Sudanese foreign ministry spokesman as announcing an “impending” normalisation agreement with Tel Aviv. Sudan’s acting foreign minister, however, denied knowledge of such talks with Zionist entity “Israel”.

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UAE’s normalisation of ties with Zionist entity ‘Israel’ is betrayal of Palestinian cause

Shaath, ”to start with there is no real sovereignty For Mohamed bin Zayed or these ‎Sheikhes over the UAE, its controlled by the Multinational companies, since the British ‎withdrawn from it in 1970, they kept these tribal leaders under tight control of the ‎Multinationals.‎

The Debate discuss with Dr. Saeb Shaath, Author and Middle East Affairs Expert and Dr. Jalal Fairooz, FMR, Bahraini MP and Middle East Expert, the UAE’s normalisation of ties with the Zionist entity ‘Israel’ . The deal has drawn condemnation from different countries as it revealed betrayal of Palestinian cause. ‘Israel’ and the United Arab Emirates agree to normalise diplomatic ties in a deal apparently ‎brokered by US President Donald Trump that includes Tel Aviv regime’s agreement to suspend ‎annexation of the occupied West Bank.‎

Transcription of some of what Dr. Shaath said ‎
Shaath, ”to start with there is no real sovereignty For Mohamed bin Zayed or these ‎Sheikhes over the UAE, its controlled by the Multinational companies, since the British ‎withdrawn from it in 1970, they kept these tribal leaders under tight control of the ‎Multinationals.‎”

‎ Shaath added “At the end of the day, to me, they are still a colony. They have been used by the Americans [Emirates] in ‎the waves of attacks came against Iraq in the [American invasion ] 2003 as well as the American ‎used them, as your guest mentioned they are used by ‘Israel’ to spy on Iran, they have their ‎cooperation under the table, it became very hard to hide it, the official visits ‎of Israeli ministers, officials, sport teams and many other exchanges between the ‎Emirates and ‘Israel’, so they could not hide it any more.‎”

Shaath went to say, “the other crucial point During the 2014 Zionist criminal war on Gaza, the ‎UAE sent a team of 50 doctors from the UAE red cross. The Palestinian ‎resistance stated then that these 50 doctors are Zionists spies collecting ‎information on the Palestinian resistance positions, while they supposed to ‎be an assistant from UAE. Then they were deported out of the Gaza Strip at ‎that time.‎”
Shaath “Recently The United Emirates exchanging a lot of trade and were doing a lot of ‎security deals and wheeling with the Zionist entity sending its aeroplanes to ‎Bin Gorian Airport, that under the cover and camouflaging it as they were ‎providing medical support to the Palestinians to overcome the Corona ‎pandemic,”.

Shaath continued to say that ” while the Palestinians’ refused to receive that aid and told them ‎[UAE] that they are betraying us, when we told you we refuse to receive anything ‎that coming through the Zionist entity airports , this is a normalising of ‎relationship between the Emirates and the Zionist entity. Still, , they ‎continued to send their aeroplanes, all of that is to cover up what type of loads ‎that the Emirates is bring back to Abu Dhabi from Tel Aviv .‎

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Zionist entity ‘ Israel’ attacks Gaza Strip.

Shaath “Gaza’s 2-million population are living under a strict ‎siege, “

Gaza- SaebPress

The military of the Zionist entity ‘ Israel’ has launched aerial and ground attacks against targets across the besieged Gaza Strip for a second night in a row, while tightening their grip on the Gaza’s fishing activities and fuel imports.

Saeb Shaath talks to Press TV about the situation. “‎ Zionist entity ‘s warplanes bombed many areas across ‎the Gaza Strip, north and south Gaza strip, ‎ while artillery opened fire on a farming area beside al-‎Bureij refugee camp and on east of Rafah city.‎ The Zionists entity’s army just declared more Major ‎economic measures against the blockaded ‎population”.

Shaath said ”The Zionist occupation army just declared that it activated its ‘Laser Weapons Stations’ on the border of northern ‎Gaza to stop what called the incendiary balloons attacks ‎that are coming from Gaza” ‎.

Shaath added, ”fifteen years After the Palestinian resistance succeeded ‎in liberating the Gaza strip from the Zionist occupation ‎and its colonial settlers.‎ ‎ Following that the Zionist entity ‘Israel’ gradually ‎imposed a deadly blockade, in which they maintained ‎control of Gaza’s land borders, access to the sea and ‎airspace. ‎ Two million Palestinians who live in the Gaza Strip, have ‎been subjected to a collective punishment through the ‎crippling Zionist blockade for over 12 years now while ‎Gaza’s inhabitants are exposed to repeated onslaughts that have heavily damaged much of the ‎Gaza’s infrastructure.” ‎

Shaath added “Gaza’s 2-million population are living under a strict ‎siege, which has destroyed the local economy, plunged ‎the Palestinians into unemployment and poverty, and cut ‎off the Gaza Strip from the rest of the occupied ‎Palestinian territories and the wider world.‎”

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