Questions on Palestine, resistance, Syria and Qatar’s money?



By Fra Hughes*

Qatar not only sticks in your throat and threatens to strangle you apparently it is a monarchy in the middle east destined to possibly bring millions of deaths to the region and beyond in the next few years if not challenged.
Qatar one the corrupt emirates which denies democracy to its own citizens is currently much like america bringing its idea of democracy through the barrel of a gun and a fist full of dollars.
Having already financed supported and armed the armed the libyan insurgency which over threw colonel gadaffi with the resultant loss of life and the rule of law which turned an otherwise safe and secure secular state into a sectarian lawless gun toting fifedom it has now turned its watery blood clouded eyes to syria and beyond.
Not content alone with the mass murders in Libya it is funding the sunni whahibbi bloodfest in syria.The arming financing and political backing of a rag tag collection of serial killers rapists peadophiles and religious fanatics who glorify in killing anyone christian jew muslin or non believer who does not adhere to their twisted fanatacal ideology these emirs and their corrupt unelected governments are targetting syria at the behest of their puppet masters of israel america saudi britain and france.
As part of their attack on those who stand firm in their resolve to protect arabia from western israeli dominance Qatar has now corrupted and seduced Hamas.
Its is pouring millions into Gaza on a huge rebuilding project which is so desperately needed that it has quite succesfully detached hamas from syria and by extension iran and thus has tried to separate the resistance of palestine from syria lebanon and iran.
Who ever pays the piper calls the tune.
Hamas has trained fsa gunmen.
Hamas has fled from Syria and bebunked to Qatar
Hamas has called for Hezbollah the party of god to leave syria yet makes no such call for the 40 000 jihadists psychopaths who kill rape and sodomise civilians of all ages genders and faiths in the name of their not so sunni god!
So have Hamas embraced the west and america israel france and brittain through selling out for a few roads the odd hospital and some sheckles?
Is the resistance mortally wounded by hamas desertion of the syrian people in their hour of need. will the cause of Palestine be fatally weakened by the dagger hamas has stuck in the back of the syrian regime and people who amoung all the arab nations stood first and foremost by palestine her people and their call for national self determination?
where does this leave the palestinian activists solidarity cause?
In bed with qatar? supporting israels long term aspirations of regional supremacy? For a self reliant palestine which is even less likely to become a reality with the suffering of the syrian peoples sunni shia al awhites christians and jews?.
If so many people werent suffering dying being raped tortured and killed in syria libya and egypt id almost congratulate those who have divided the resistance. put muslim against muslim sunni against shia palestinian against syrian hamas against hezbolah. Its almost an imperialist wet dream!
But as i dont support these western corporate colonist inspired usurption of the freedoms of the people of arabia to define their own futures all can i say is fuck qatar. fuck those who sell out and fuck the fsa!

* Fra Hughes is a Palestinian activist.