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Palestine gateway to world Peace.

Saeb Sha’ath: ‘What would you do if someone kicks you out of your home and tells you that God gave it to them? How would you deal with that? When the bullies and law enforcers sides with them; that is the position, every Palestinian found themselves in. What would you do?’


Land of merciless waiting on Samson or ‘Salh El Deen’ -Saladin?

Saeb Sha’ath

What would you do if someone kicks you out of your home and tells you that God gave it to them? How would you deal with that? When the bullies and law enforcers sides with them; that is the position, every Palestinian found themselves in. What would you do?

During ‘Israel’ onslaught and late wars on Gaza alone, without talking or mentioning the human cost and suffering inflicted on every Palestinian in Gaza’ ‘Israel’ systematically destroyed and ruined 78,000 homes, 320 schools, 1,900 factories, water and sewage installations and 80 per cent of agricultural land and crops. The cost to Gaza’s infrastructure was estimated at $5.50 to $ 7.00 billion ‘total economic cost’.

The Blockade on Gaza and the criminal wars were designed to achieve: The destruction of the Palestinian civil society as an incubator of the Palestinian resistance, and its heart in Gaza, the uninterrupted decimation of the Palestinians in Gaza, allowing the Zionist entity to retain the valuable sections of the West Bank, and to help them in forcing the Palestinians to accept this and sign away the deeds of Palestine to the Zionist entity.

The contemporary history of Gaza began when; the Ottomans lost Gaza to the British in the Third Battle of Gaza on 7 November 1917 during the First World War. Sir Archibald Murray who led the first and the second Battle of Gaza in 1916 – 1917 was dismissed and replaced by “the Bull” -General Edmund Allenby, who deceived the defenders by attacking Beersheba and then besieging Gaza. Gaza fell, Allenby’s road to Jerusalem opened up.

The British Political elite designs for Palestine became more obvious, it was a true copy of Napoleon Bonaparte’s falling vision for Palestine. By imposing, the British mandate on Palestine, the British began in implementing Bonaparte’s plan in creating Palestine as Jewish state, to control by proxy the whole of the Arab world and to solve the ‘eastern problem’ – The Jewish problem in Europe. The Holocaust began in earnest in Palestine, against Arabs by Jewish terrorist groups who have been brought into Palestine trained and supplied by the British forces.

In Germany and Poland, another Holocaust took place against Jews and many other people. New waves of Jewish refugees arrived in Palestine; the newly arrived refugees began in taking their revenge on the Germans by killing the Arabs! A European guilt complex of what took place in Europe made them to ignore the Holocaust taking place in Palestine. As a direct result, today there are over 8 million Palestinian refugees and a new style of incarcerations for whole nation is taking place, whole cities surrounded by massive walls 100 feet tall 20 feet thick, imprisoning the whole population of every town and city.

Sometimes dividing them in quarters, the walls are supported by 850 military checkpoints, in or out of them, high military authority permits are required, they are bounties, given to the selected few. Sometimes they just forget about whom inside for month Gaza is startling example. They have huge numbers of high-tech spying cameras to watch every single move of everyone, spying satellite systems and an endless arsenal western weapons.

In unique Gaza that has again honoured its past by defeating the IDF for the 3rd time, who is armed by the most sophisticated American’s war machines. The IDF retreated and sealed Gaza by massive walls, electric and electronic fences, the IDF’s companies continued sucking Gaza’s water out, and they are selling it back to the Gazan’s people! Aren’t they are so smart? Armed by Paris protocol, nothing gets in or out without the IDF approval, any goods in or out have to go through security examination, that by itself is a unique process since it destroy most of the goods, but who dares to object?

‘Israeli’ factories got special production lines for the Palestinians; God knows why? Since they can consume only what the IDF allows them to, they are easy money for greedy Zionist capitalist. They spare nothing at all from the Palestinians, to the extent of dumping industrial toxic fluids on the north of Gaza. What the Gazan’s people have to counter the ’ IDF’s’ state of the art high-tech weapons with? They have their right to resist, and they improvise in making their primitive missiles, which proved to be working in countering the IDF, after all, they are imprisoned by the IDF.

Palestinians are denied the necessities of existence Why then ignoring what is happening to millions of refugees from Palestine? They are under attack on daily bases, for demanding the Implantations of the UN resolutions that definitely granted them the right to return to their homes, the irony here is that, the same resolutions gave birth to the State of Israel!

Israel with its British and western sponsors then blocked the implantation of the resolutions and furthered their attacks on the Neighbouring Arab countries_1956 attack on Gaza and Egypt. The new kid on the block, the American, as a new world superpower and sponsor of Israel, continued the trend in taking part in 1967 war and helped in securing all historical Palestine and other Arab land to be the real breakthrough in creating ‘Israel’ as a regional superpower.

The American added a new dimension to the conflict, their agenda suddenly matches those advocates of the apocalypse theories, they are using their religious visions to bring their prophesies to a swift conclusion. They are in a hurry after the utter dissemination of Iraq, Libya and Syria; seeking to attack Iran using the same old pathetic scenario, ‘Hollywood style’.

Creating the stereotype demonised enemy, making sure to add bits and pieces, to frighten Western’s public more, they are good at it they do it so well, the Arab enemy got to have WMDs, they did it to Iraq , today they are doing it to Syria and Iran, they are so evil. The so smart CIA, M5 and M6 told the world that ‘they are ready to nuke us in minutes ( Iraq )’ and today they drawing Disney cartoons about Iran’s nukes as well. Arabs and Muslims have replaced the red evil empire, Islam as a religion replaced communism, in a wider context, the danger is greater when they define religion as an enemy, suddenly there are billions of suspects, or potential enemies؟ .No country is far from the battlefield, the new enemy lives among us. Bless your soul Alfred Hitchcock; you were original, but not so scary, now we know the real horror and the intense fear industry.

I believe the western Imperialists; have to have an enemy to stay united, so they can maintain their dominance over the world and its resources, to keep the gab so wide between the west and the rest. In this context, they keep shifting the enemy image from race to another, ideology to religion. Using terminology such as, the free world, civilized world, our way of life, our values, the others, evil empire, axis of evil, ‘Islamic terrorism’ -few years back the ‘Islamic terrorists’ were part of the Regan and Thatcher freedom fighters squads’ ‘Mujahedeen’ who waged a Holy War ‘Jihad’ against the Red evil Empire, as both, Regan and Thatcher informed us, Ben Laden was their hero then, today the alliance is more vivid in Syria and Libya. The US political élite believes, the alternative to Islam as an enemy, would be turning on each other, the lesson they learned from 1st WW ,2nd WW and the cold war against Russia.

Adding insults to injury some religious freaks pumping us up with, fear and obsession to bring the world to an end; I know for a fact there is over 60 million Americans, who became firm believers in apocalypse theories, the dangerous thing, is in the way American Media and news networks, Europeans to some extent, play on that fear and obsession, they introduce the Apocalypse preachers to us as Middle Eastern Political experts. I recall one of them analysing Hurricane Katrina’s disaster, saying this is punishment from God?, because we have been pressurising ‘Israel’ to make peace with Arabs? Believe it or not, they got the congress and the White House full attention.

I wonder, when we are going to stop paying taxes, to Governments who easily fulfil such freakish agendas? The west got huge organizations and colossal Churches, who calls for a final showdown on the soil of Palestine! I ask you, Where is the moral majority? Who stands for humanity and fairness, it is about time for someone to calm them down, teach them the ethos of live and let live?

There are 8 million Palestinian refugees that have been granted the right to return to their homes by the International community, it is our duty to implement the UN resolution and enforce it on the ones who disrespect the UN and the International Community, like the state of Israel. Otherwise, the ‘International community’ has to retract the resolutions, that generously gave birth to the state of ‘Israel’, by the same mandate, declare one state for all the residents, who lives or lived in historic Palestine.

To establish a secular state which grantees, the rights of everyone to live and build their future in peace, one-man one vote, eradicate the racist state polices, South Africa is a perfect example of what can be done. There is no alternative to that right now, since most of what should be Palestine state, have vanished under the wall, the settlements, military checkpoints and electric barbwires.

Who knows what would happen in the land of merciless, are we waiting on another Samson to bringing down the whole of Palestine on himself and his captors or are waiting on the arrival of ‘Salh el Deen’ -Saladin?

Saeb Sha’ath, an author and a Middle East affairs Expert.



Are the French officials declaring open war on Islam?

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Press TV intreviews Saeb Shaath, Author and Middle East Afaiers Expert, and Firas Al Najm, Manager, Canadian Ddefenders for human rights.

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Ghassan Kanafani, the era of revolutionary Palestinian media

Palestine’s Ghassan Kanafani, a writer, artist, journalist and politico has left a lasting legacy in the Arab world.

Ghassan Kanafani
Ghassan Kanafani, the Palestinian revolutionary.

Some of the biggest names in the world of literature – Dickens, Hemingway, Garcia Marquez – got their start in journalism. Their reporting tends to be forgotten; their prose is what lives on.

Ghassan Kanafani is a name you can add to that list. Kanafani was a Palestinian writer who, through books like Men in the Sun, humanised the Palestinian condition of dispossession and displacement. He was, however, first and foremost a journalist.

Palestine’s Ghassan Kanafani, a writer, artist, journalist and a revolutionary has left a lasting legacy in the Arab world.

He was also a product of 1960s Beirut – a period when the city was a magnet for young reporters, revolutionaries, migrants and misfits, as well as host to the Palestinian leadership in exile. It was in Beirut that Kanafani produced Al Hadaf, a forward-thinking Palestinian magazine, that has been somewhat lost in the mists of time.

The Listening Post‘s Tariq Nafi reports from Beirut, Lebanon, on the legacy of Ghassan Kanafani and the era of Palestinian revolutionary media. 


Refqa Abu-Remaileh – Professor of modern Arabic literature and film, Director of “PalREAD – Country of Words” project, Free University of Berlin

Elias Khoury – Novelist and playwright

As’ad AbuKhalil – Professor of political science, California State University

Source: Al Jazeera

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Justice for Palestine, Jews Step Forward.

These are the moral voices of bravery and justice inside JEWS STEP FORWARD

This indie documentary highlights twenty-four moral voices within the American Jewish community speaking on behalf of justice for the indigenous Palestinian people.  Directed and produced by Elika Rezaee and Marjorie Wright, this powerful, truthful, controversial documentary has been screened at festivals around the world.  It has been recognised by the 2016 justice Awards Festival and given a certificate of merit as the best “Human Rights, War and Peace film in the category Documentary Feature” by the sixteen International Film Festivals.

“Few are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of the colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a world that yields most painfully to change. Each time a person stands up for an idea, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, (s)he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centres of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”– Robert F. Kennedy. These are the moral voices of bravery and justice inside JEWS STEP FORWARD.

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