Saudi Arabia funding unrest in Middle East.



 King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia,  meets with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, meets with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton



Press TV has talked with Saeb Shaath, author and Middle East affairs expert, to discuss the Saudi-sponsored terrorism in the Middle East and the whole  region.



What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.        [youtube 5A1hdHnbfuI]


Press TV: Well, Saeb Shaath it is not too much of a surprise about Saudi Arabia being behind some of the violence in Iraq but as to the extent of it, I am curious, the major question that comes about, is Saudi Arabia doing this on its own or is it doing it with the knowledge of the United States or they are working together on this violence incurred not only in Iraq but also many of these al-Qaeda-related groups to, of course, have their destination to be Syria?


Shaath: You are right to question that since it would appear like, the State Department of the United States of America has no clue about that but definitely Pentagon and the CIA are partners in that.


Saudi Arabia is sponsoring sectarian incitement in Iraq and this has partners such as Turkey and Israel as well, and Emirates who are financing and training and supporting the terror forces in Iraq.


They are planting their car bombs everywhere and attacking everywhere in Iraq and they are behind the bloodshed, which is taking the country from the north to the south. They are using their money and influence and the media as well in order to promote sectarianism in Iraq.


They want to destabilize Iraq and make sure that it is weak and divided so Iraq can become under their feudalist control.


I will give you an example, Tariq al-Hashemi, the Iraqi vice-president who is on the run and protected by the Turks in Istanbul, came to Iraq on the back of an American occupation tank.


Hashemi has left behind him so many men he planted in the body of the Iraqi government institutional army and these people are planning and carrying such atrocities in Iraq.


The United Nations just recently said, in Iraq, they revealed, I think it was in the month of July, that 1057 Iraqis were killed and 2326 wounded. That is in one month! So we understand from these figures what the Wahabi regime of Saudi Arabia, from the beginning was designed to do in the area when the British built that monstrous system in Saudi Arabia.


They are causing all of these sectarian and religious troubles in the area, the Saudis, and they are doing this, we know, to serve their master.


From the very beginning of the establishment of the kingdom, the Saudis have brought bloodshed to the surrounding countries and they are in total alliance with these Zionist and the Americans and some of the other Western powers.


They brought mayhem into Yemen in the sixties and to Egypt as well; caused the Egyptian defeat of the war of 1967, they helped the Jordanian in destroying the Palestinian Resistance Movement in Jordan in 1970.


They helped in instigating the civil war in Lebanon as well, with the Israelis. They brought chaos to Iraq in the early 90’s and before that when they persuaded Saddam to attack Iran with the help of the United States of America.


They turned Arabia to a big, sort of, military base for the United States of America to attack its neighbors. They brought a lot of disasters to the area and they have been, during the war of 2006, when the Israelis launched their war on Lebanon and Hezbollah defeated them, everybody discovered where Saudi Arabia stands in there.


They were openly supporting the Zionist entity and lately we hear from just two points I want to make, One: The US Vice President Joe Biden said in August, his sympathy with the Iraqi prime minister for so many casualties of these bombings in Iraq and he emphasized that al-Qaeda still represent the common enemy for both countries while… Hillary Clinton admitting that al-Qaeda was built by the United States of America, financed by Saudi Arabia and manned by the Wahabi terrorists and called that as a great investment of the United States of America.


Those people who cause all this trouble in Iraq and in Afghanistan and in Syria. They do not care what they leave behind unless they achieve their goals.


But we know now who is there from the region leadership or countries to take a stand and stop those people from destroying the lives of the Iraqis and the people in the region.