US imperialists desperate to control ME: Saeb Sha’ath

US imperialists desperate to control ME
US imperialists desperate to control ME

Press TV has conducted an interview with Saeb Sha’ath, author and Middle East affairs expert, about John Kerry’s latest speech and says , a push for war before UN inspectors can present evidence as to who caused the attack.

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The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: What do you make of John Kerry’s latest remarks? On the one hand he says there is no solution but a political solution to the situation to Syria; however, he also says that acting is more important than not acting right now in the situation in Syria. Your take?

Sha’ath: My take on Mr. Kerry is as President Putin described him. He is a liar, a compulsive liar. Somebody who brings us photos from the Iraqi war, a photo which  actually won an Italian award and he presented it to Congress as this is of the victims of the chemical attack in Syria carried out by the Syrian army.

So, this man, I won’t even entertain what he says, he as Putin described, a liar. But let me get to the point of the Iranian and the Iraqi statements: Both countries know what American aggression is and how many millions of lives lost under the American boots.

Let’s not forget that one of the war’s objectives, which was stated openly by both Obama and John Kerry was to send a message to Iran – What was that supposed to mean? After finishing with Syria then they are going to turn their attention to regime change or destroying Iran or occupying Iran.

Iran suffered a very long history of Western domination and interference in its affairs. I want to remind the viewers of the British and American coup in 1953 against the Mosaddeq’s  government, which the CIA openly admits today.

In that coup they stopped the Iranians from getting sovereign over their wealth and nationalizing their oil and they installed the puppet, the Shah, who turned Iran at the time to be the biggest military base for the United States of America and to looted the Iranian people’s wealth.

The same thing happened to the Iraqis when they involved them in a war against the revolution of Iran, who managed to kick out these imperialist puppets. And they have suffered for eight years, both countries, from a designed war to weaken both of them.

Then they (US) occupied Iraq of course after the war of 1991 and  then of  2003. Millions of Iraqis died there.

I want to say all that what is happening and as well the direction of the war on Syria, I can understand it from one political strategic point of view: the desperation of the US imperialists to control the area – militarily now. They cannot compete economically with the Chinese or with the BRICS or even with the EU. Now they want to sustain their presence worldwide with military force.

Press TV: When you talk about Iran and Iraq, you’re talking about both countries that have actually had firsthand experiences with chemical weapons either provided by the United States or used by the United States – We know that in the Iran Iraq war, Iranians and of course some of the Iraqi Kurds were victims of Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapon attacks – of course a lot of that provided by Western counties.

And also in Fallujah in Iraq with the recent war in Iraq by the United States that we’re still seeing the results of the depleted uranium, phosphorous bombs and other types of chemical weapons that were used there.

How can the United States even start to mention that chemical weapons usage is their red line when they have been and they have probably used illegal weapons more than any other regime in the world?

Sha’ath: I’m going to add two points to what you correctly said: They are the only country in the world that has used atomic bombs – against the Japanese. They are the ones who used it in Korea and Vietnam, so many attacks of biological and chemical weapons. Adding to what they supplied Iraq and what during that time they used it on their own people and against Iran.

The attack on Fallujah where they used  pluse white phosphorus and as well the depleted uranium. So many deformities in Iraq today in that area; the cancer is widespread.

They supported and they didn’t condemn Israel when they used in 2008 the attack on Gaza the white phosphorus and nobody condemned them in the West, Israel for using that kind of chemical weapon.

Add to that they were doing what they called the ‘eager lion’ war games around Jordan and preparing the ground for invading Syria sending trained terrorists and mercenaries – over 45,000, sent after trained by Israeli and American marines to attack Damascus.

When the Syrian army counterattacked them they (US-backed rebels) used chemical weapons there to cover up their defeat and to bring the United States of America and NATO and Turkey to attack Syria. That’s what happed there.

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