Iraqis must fight sectarianism



Press TV has talked with Saeb Shaath, an author and Middle East expert from London, to ask his opinions regarding the sharp rise in acts of violence across Iraq.

 [youtube MEkrnSe5RWo]

Below you are provided with an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Mr. Shaath thank you so much for being with us. Why do you think that we are seeing this continual increase in violence in Iraq

Shaath: We noticed that in today’s killing, they targeted the school kids as well as the pilgrims …even they opened fire on the pilgrims on their way to their holy sites.

They kill hundreds of innocent Iraqi people on a weekly basis. This terror gangs are trained and sponsored by Turkey and Saudi Arabia, who are puppets, at the end of the day, of the United States and Israel.

They are using their weapons and money and the media support as well, to promote sectarian war in Iraq.

The aim of this terror campaign is to weaken and to destabilize Iraq to divide it into sectarian entities and the plan is that parts of it shall fall under the control of Saudis and other territories fall under the Turkish control.

Meanwhile the sectarian entities continue fighting among each other to destroy what is left of Iraq to weaken it and to divide it more, and its wealth would be looted by the Western multinational monopolists, oil monopolists, or Turkey and Israel.

The Al Saud family thinks that by using such a scenario they will control Iraq and secure their throne in Saudi Arabia.

The sad fact of all of that is that there are some Iraqi politicians who know about this scenario and still do nothing to stop it. Some are supporting it, using their ugly sectarian rhetoric in there.

Press TV: Mr. Shaath, I am sorry we are limited in time but what will it take, in your perspective, to turn all of this around as we are continuing to see this deterioration of the situation now?

Shaath: It will take the people of Iraq as well as the people of the area. The resistance forces have to work together fast, to stop the butchering of the nation by the evil imperialist reactionary alliance.

The alliance, they have to know, includes Turkey, Saudi Arabia, CIA, Israel and some other entities as well in the area, and they are trying to spread this destruction not just to Iraq or Syria, [but] across the area, across the Islamic (Muslim) World.

So the people of Iraq and the Resistance have to work now hand in hand to stop and defeat such alliance, the evil alliance.

SaebPress/Press TV