Bahraini regime policies are tribalist, feudalist and sectarian: Saeb Sha’ath.







Press TV has conducted an interview with Saeb Shaath, an author and Middle East affairs expert, about Bahrain, which is brutally cracking down on anti-regime protesters in the tiny country.

 [youtube NZWGV8e9xu4]

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: The Bahraini regime claims that it is not sectarian; yet, it is attacking Shia Muslims during this very important time of Muharram. How do you see that situation?

Shaath: We know most of the Bahraini human rights activists are behind bars right now. And every citizen in Bahrain who is actively seeking the removal of such a feudal sectarian regime, [is] vulnerable to false accusations of terrorism, which practically means that the regime can jail, exile and strip them of their citizenship as well.

The al-Khalifa regime forces are more and more involved in targeting even kids. Last month they killed a teenage boy, accusing him of terrorism.

Al-Khalifa is a feudal system as well, this war they are carrying it on school kids using the Bahraini education ministry to profile them  and then  arrest the kids from schools , instead of the education system saving  these kids from the brutal activities of the army and the police.

Al-Khalifa’s policies are tribalistfeudalist, sectarian and fascist as well. We believe that their family or tribe  owns all Bahrain,own the country; and that its their private property – that’s what they believe.

And all the people of Bahrain reside there only with the permission and generosity of the Sheikh, or the king, as they call him, to serve the tribe.

That’s why they came to strip people of their nationality, which is in violations of international human rights treaties. We notice not even one Western force coming out and condemning that.

Such tribalist beliefs and feudalist beliefs and its mechanisms beliefs of owning a state and territory and emirate with these tribes and families is well established in the Arabian peninsula. Countries like the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia itself, this system was actually installed and supported by the British Empire to secure their interests and to secure their puppets.

This is the Western hegemony of the region depends on such regional puppets, that works in harmony with our enemy, Israel, to protect the British interests and now the American interests as well.  Since The American Empire inherited the British Empire after establishing such puppets.

From there we can see even if we want to look at the international and human rights – so-called international and other human rights organizations – covering abuses that occur in Bahrain…

Bahrain ignored them since the regime got the occupation forces of Saudi Arabia, they got the involvement of the West in backing them, they can see London and Washington’s full military and political support with public relations working in full swing to enhance the Al Khalifa regime image.

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