Israel threatens al-Aqsa with KSA support: S. Shaath



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‘’Israeli’’ Occupation Forces (IOF) in the Islamic sacred site of Haram El-Sharif
‘’Israeli’’ Occupation Forces (IOF) in the Islamic sacred site of Haram El-Sharif

Press TV has conducted an interview with Saeb Shaath, author and Middle East Affairs expert, Belfast about Israel planning to replace the holy al-Aqsa mosque with a temple.


The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.


Press TV: What do you think about this announcement, the significance of it as well and do you think we are indeed going to see this happen?


Is the attempt going to take place despite the fact that it is going to be very controversial, that it is going to be a move that is certainly going to rouse a lot of anger?


Shaath: To begin with, scientifically speaking… there is not a single piece of archeology or artifact been found in Palestine to prove the existence of such a temple or any Jewish heritage around even Jerusalem.


Secondly, the group of people who claim to be true Jews   of Moses descendents and claim to be Semite…scientifically proven that they are not.


They are from East Europe Khazaria who believed in Judaism some 800 years ago and they didn’t belong to the area whatsoever.


Thirdly, to see the sensitive situation in surrounding Arab countries, specifically Syria and we see these terrorist gangs campaign–of the sectarian wars over Iraq and Lebanon–you won’t be surprised with the attacks as well these gangs are carrying out in Egypt where they find the support by the US and puppets of the regimes of the Arabian Peninsula.

You won’t be surprised of the next moves since the Arab masses are concerned with their safety and security and the extreme right wing government like Netanyahu is in there with these nutcases, running it–saying whatever–They will do anything to sabotage any future for Palestinian independence over the West Bank at least; and the Gaza strip.


They want to secure as much as they can from territories in the West Bank. And they will go as far as the destruction of the existing al-Aqsa mosque since now they see the Arabic masses got used to the desecration of religious sites as we notice in Syria by the Takfiri groups and the Arab masses have been shocked and awed  enough to keep it quiet, that’s what they believe.


All of these groups are paid off for Israel since Israel now can carry out any kind of policies in the [occupied] West Bank and will be received in Abu Dhabi or in Dubai as their politicians have been welcomed lately.


And they’re being supported and welcomed by the Saudis. And they did, the Saudis, offered under-the-table support for Israel in their alliance against Syria.So I won’t be surprised of any move right now with such a situation the world is facing.


So, the only thing, which will stop the Israelis from going that far, is the Arab-Palestinian resistance in the Gaza strip and in Lebanon. These are the only forces, supported of course by Syria and Iran that will stop them from going any farther.


But other Arabic countries like I said in the Arabian Peninsula are in total support of Israel, and they won’t even comment on such a thing except wondering ‘no more’.