Jailed Saudi journalist told truth:Saeb Sha’ath



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Press TV has interviewed Saeb Sha’ath, founder of saebpress.com, from London, to discuss the situation with the jailed journalist in Saudi Arabia.

What follows is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Let’s talk about the news of this Saudi journalist and about this sentence that he’s received.

Sha’athIt’s part of the policies which the Saudis implemented – Saudi Arabia – since the creation of this kingdom, who took over the Arabian Peninsula by force and campaigns of terror supported by the British Empire then.

Any voice of descent will be silenced. They denied the population of Arab residents of Saudi Arabia to express any kind of political views which doesn’t support the Al Saud family.



It’s a feudalist system and they think that war of creating a third Al Saud state, which is the existing one today, they own the Arabian Peninsula as belonging to the king now, the royal family of al-Saud.

Everybody in that kingdom is serving the king and the royal family of Al Saud. It is their duty to obey their kingdom. That’s kind of denying freedom and those kinds of policies are supported by the West, since they are serving the Saudi family as puppets serving the Western interests in the area.

This journalist himself, he used to own a TV station which is disbanded now. They are accusing him of disobeying the ruler in one of his television programs, and inciting against the kingdom and discrediting the kingdom, and claiming that the kingdom is supporting terrorism and supporting al-Qaeda. What’s wrong in that? It is the truth. The man was trying to enlighten his own audience and that’s his duty.

When he told the truth, that’s what he received. They charged him of insulting the royal family and supporting the enemy of the royal family, which is al-Gaddafi at the time. They accused the Saudis, the late Muammar Gaddafi in 2004, of plotting to assassinate the crown prince then, which is King Abdullah today.

That shows in its own the scandal as well behind the involvement and support of Saudi Arabia for NATO and its war in Libya, which is something personal there, not to the interests of the Libyan people.

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