US ignores calls to rein in Israel:Saeb Shaath



Barack Obama
Barack Obama

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Press TV has conducted an interview with Saeb Shaath, Middle East expert, Belfast about an interview by Hans Blix, former IAEA Chief, saying he is convinced Israel has nuclear weapons. 

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Hans Blix saying everyone knows Israel possess nuclear weapons and they’re quite sure of that. We know that Iran and the P5+1 are discussing the country’s nuclear program.

What do you think about these kinds of comments especially coming from someone like Hans Blix says, especially the US position when it comes to for instance Iran’s nuclear program?

A lot of people are saying this is double standards and especially when it comes, as Hans Blix was saying, to US influence on the IAEA.

Shaath: Let us summarize it as this – let’s begin from the Palestinian Nakba Day before 1948. We know that in 1946 and1947 and that is documented, the French government provided Zionist terrorist gangs and they were gangs, with huge support to secure the occupation of large chunks of Palestinian lands.

The French were discovered that they provided the Zionist terrorist groups, then with a nuclear research center – that’s documented in 1946-1947. And they supervised the nuclear program in the entity of Israel.

The second point, when late US President John F. Kennedy wanted to check what the Israelis secret nuclear arsenal has got, what weaponry, suddenly the president was killed; Oswald assassinated Kennedy and nobody checked out that point of the Zionist link in wiping out J.F Kennedy.

Today the Zionist entity possesses nuclear arms – they are the only ones who possess nuclear arms in the Middle East – they maintain a supply of around 400 atomic warheads.

We know in the war on Gaza, they used depleted uranium on Palestinian civilians. Hence there is many, many Palestinians – thousands of cases – of birth deformities and diseases, weird kinds of diseases actually and many thousands of cases of cancer spreading around Gaza.

We  do know as well last year they attacked a mountain in Damascus targeting a research center there and we discovered they used a tactical nuclear bomb to attack the mountain.

All that and Israel refuses to accept the international call for it to join the NPT – the Non-Proliferation Treaty; or even refusing to listen to international calls for freeing the Middle East of weapons of mass destruction including nuclear arms.

On the contrary, we have the heads of the Zionist entity that are armed to the teeth with American-paid arms – of course paid by tax payers – they threaten the world with what they call ‘the Samson Option’. The Samson Option to …  the whole area.

Israel is a real threat to global security, while the United States of America ignores all the calls from the region to rein Israel in.

There is a huge responsibility on the United States’ shoulders. Its politicians are competing with each other actually to show who cares more about Israel’s safety and security and who wants more to provide more funds and more arms and more technology.

And we remember even Obama when he offered a squadron of F-35’s to Israel to appease it just to accommodate one demand of the Palestinians.

So, all of that to appease the Zionists who are controlling the foreign politics of the United States, especially in their area.

They (Israel) are the ones who are attacking their neighbors; they are the ones threatening the world with the Samson Option; and they’re the ones who are threatening to attack Palestinian civilians; they are the ones who are threatening to attack Iran.

As I said they are threatening world peace and stability and the international community has to take serious steps to rein such a rogue state, [entity] in.