“Israeli” army committed another Mascara


SaebPress, Gaza- In Beit Hanoun north of Gaza, the “Israeli” army  committed another  Mascara, after this morning’s mascara in  Khozaha, east of Khan Younis, in which the “ Israeli” army killed in it more than 60 people .

In “Israel” latest mascara, 20 people were killed  most of them children, and as many as 270 wounded when “Israeli” army’s  tank shells  hit  a United Nations school in the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun,


The criminal occupation army just targeted the survivors and displaced refugees of  last week’s attacks on Beit Hanoun, who went over there  seeking a safe shelter in the UN compound, they were instructed by the Red Cross, to do so, they found no safe shelter instead  they were targeted again and lost many of their loved ones mostly  children to the criminal Zionist war machine, as the videos streams from the Gaza Shifa hospital shows.