Understanding Libya’s civil war: Saeb Shaath

'NTC' fighters fire at Government troops in Sirte
‘NTC’ fighters fire at Government troops in Sirte


Understanding  Libya’s civil war: Saeb Shaath

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The participating parties wrapped up the second round of negotiations, aimed at ending the political crisis in the North African nation. The talks also aimed at engaging in the peace process militants loyal to ex-commander Ibrahim Ibrahim. The group has formed a government in Tripoli. The insurgents boycotted the talks because they were not held in Libya. The UN-sponsored negotiations opened in Geneva in mid-January. The volatile oil-rich North African country has been the scene of numerous clashes between government forces and rival militia groups. Libya has two rival governments both pushing for full control. One faction holds Tripoli. The other which is Libya’s western-backed government runs the cities of Bayda and Tobruk. Libya’s turmoil began in 2011.