Saeb Sha’ath: Analysing political developments In Yemen & Saudi military deployment.



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Saeb Sha’ath: Analysing the political developments In Yemen and the Saudi

military deployment.

Saeb Sha'ath صائب شعث
Saeb Sha’ath     صائب شعث

Ansarullah forces capture southern Houta city key airbase near Aden.

The Yemeni television says Ansarullah fighters and their allies have taken over

the provincial capital of Lahij and a military base near Aden

Sha’ath: Saudi Arabia faces the risk of the turmoil spilling across

its 1,100 mile-long border with Yemen and into its eastern province,

where country’s richest oil deposits lie and the people in there are

sympathetic to their brothers and sisters revolutionaries in Yemen.


Meanwhile, US government source described the size of the Saudi

buildup on Yemen’s border as “significant” and said the Saudis could

be preparing air strikes to defend Hadi if the Houthis attack his

refuge in the southern seaport of Aden.


SaebPress/Press TV