Anti-democracy elements behind Tunisia attack

Terror raids target Tunisia democracy
Terror raids target Tunisia democracy

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Press TV has interviewed  Mouheb Garoui, executive director of “I Watch Organization” from Tunis, as well as Saeb Sha’ath, author and political commentator from Belfast, to discuss the recent terrorist attack on a museum that killed 17 foreign tourists in Tunisia.




Garoui believes that the Takfiri terrorists benefit from such “bloody” and “cowardice” attacks, adding that the extremists who target innocent civilians are against the Tunisian revolution and the “freedom of expression” in the African state.


The analyst says Tunisia is the “number one” exporter of terrorists to Syria, Libya and Iraq, blaming the Tunis government for an increasing wave of extremism in the Arab nation.


Sha’ath, for his part, says there are many players who do not want to see Tunisia succeed in its quest for democracy.


Certain forces from neighboring countries want chaos in Tunisia, Shaath said, adding that the beneficiaries of unrest in the country are against the establishment of democracy there.