Saudis intensifies airstrikes on Yemen during the holy month of Ramadan

Yemenis demonstrate against the Saudi air strikes
Yemenis demonstrate against  Saudis War

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Press TV has conducted an interview with Saeb Shaath, an author and Middle East expert in Belfast, to discuss the ongoing Saudi military aggression against Yemen.

Saudi warplanes carried out several airstrikes on a residential area in Abs district. Saudi jets also targeted the international airport in the southern port city of Aden. Saudi forces had earlier carried out air raids on Aden’s Khur Maksar region. Separately, three different towns were targeted in the northwestern Sa’ada province. Riyadh has been carrying out daily attacks on the impoverished nation for nearly three months now. The death toll from the invasion stands at nearly 44-hundred people, many of them civilians. The attacks continue despite calls by the United Nations for a ceasefire during the holy month of Ramadan.




The following is a rough transcription of the interview.


Press TV: We are in Ramadan and the UN had called for a ceasefire but it seems the Saudis are continuing these airstrikes. How do you feel about that?

Shaath: I feel the United Nations in here is playing a pathetic role and it is serving the interest of the wealthiest Arab nation who tried to impose its will on the poorest Arab nation which is Yemen and we noticed that in the late failed Geneva talks when the Saudis used the United Nations to try to pressurize the Sana’a delegates in there.

The Saudis find themselves in a very hard position now since the people of Yemen are defiant, they are resilient and they are continuing to resist the Saudi aggression and the Saudis, they are using this vicious aggression and war machines against Yemenis to try to impose on the people of Yemen more misery so they can surrender.

And we noticed just over 40 hospitals have been destroyed and nearly triple that of medical centers and as United Nations reports were saying food supplies very hard to get through, the infrastructures of Yemen, civilian infrastructure hardly existing anymore, there is over 15 million of the people cannot access any kind of health services, over 20 million according to the United Nations report, they do not have access to water.


Myself, I see this war once again as a product of the unholy alliance between the Saudis and the Israelis. All signs betray that if we see the style of execution of this war in Yemen, from the blockade to the siege, to the targeting of the civilian infrastructure,  to attacking the civilians anywhere, to the amount of pressures  they mount on the resisting forces, to the aggression. And another point is the similarities, which is the Israelis hit Qasioun Mountain in Syria with tactical nukes or Neutran bombs, The same  was delivered on Yemen and these kinds of war capabilities, the Saudis do not have that kind of capacity to deliver such strategic weapons.

So this is a war executed by the Saudis and the Israelis and led I think by Israeli generals who are executing this for the Saudis and the Saudis now are trying everywhere even going to Moscow  to try to find a kind of face-saving way out of this war.