One hundred days have passed since Saudi regime unleashed its war on Yemen.




Ashwaq, 12, a Yemeni Refugee at the Markaze refugee camp in Obock, northern Djibouti..AP)
Ashwaq, 12, a Yemeni Refugee at the Markaze refugee camp in Obock, northern Djibouti..(AP)

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Press TV interviewed Saeb Sha’ath an author and Mid East Expert to discuss the issue

Press TV: The Saudi military campaign against Yemen passes the one-hundred day mark, as the humanitarian situation worsens and the civilian death toll keeps rising.

Saeb Sha’ath: Saudi Arabia has been attacking Yemen since March 26 without a United Nations authorization and that regardless of international calls for the cessation of its war of aggression against the impoverished Yemen.

According to the United Nations figures, over 3,100 people have been killed because as result to the ongoing war on Yemen while 14,500 others have been wounded.

(UNICEF) the UN Children’s Fund…. warned that the current crisis in Yemen is putting millions of children in Yemen at risk of diseases and malnutrition.

The United Nations announced on Wednesday “Level 3” humanitarian emergency in Yemen for six months. , this is the  highest level…since  According to the United Nations there is more  than 21.1 million Yemeni representing 80% of the population in need of humanitarian assistance, 13 million of whom suffer from food shortages and  nearly 10 Million suffer from water shortages.



Saudi military failure to achieve their goals in  destroying or at least weakening the revolutionaries, while strengthen and trying to restore Hadi to power, to effectively bring back Yemen to the US-Saudi’s sphere of domination or influence.

The failure of the Saudi military campaign in fulfilling these goals seen by Saudis as grave danger and a clear threat to their own throne.

Since the Yemeni revolutionaries defiance and their success in combatting the war of aggression, provides them with a real chance in the near future to establish a free and sovereign state all over Yemen, free from US- Saudi dominance; in return that shall benefit and strengthen the resolve of the Bahraini revolution in its fight against  the Saudi occupation of Bahrein and to change  the regime in there.

The success of the revolution in Yemen against the Saudi aggression shall as well reignite the anti-Saudi regime opposition forces fighting spirit within the kingdom. This a direct threat to the regime and its control of the eastern provinces of Saudi Arabia which wealth and reach with resources mainly oil.

From here the Saudi are panicking military and destroying everything in Yemen, they are to wipe Yemen of the map now.

From here, we can read prince Mohamed bin Salman the King’s Son visit to Russia, its focus on to seek or to buy help since Saudis can see that their state is in danger.


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