A New Dawn: a Third Intifada



A New Dawn: a Third Intifada

Lately, the violence in the besieged “Israeli”-occupied Palestinian territories had had a fair share of attention from various media outlets. Amidst the ongoing violence in the annexed Palestinian territories, al-Ahed News conducted an interview with author and Middle East affairs expert Saeb Sha’ath to tackle the latest developments regarding the ongoing Palestinian struggle against the “Israeli” occupation.


Sha'ath:Palestinian Youth have had it with the unbearable humiliating and very costly status quo



by: Darko Lazar

Saeb Sha’ath explains that the Intifada [uprising] usually starts to manifest itself through popular unorganized sporadic actions, as a result to the occupier’s continuous crimes against the people of Palestine; he admitted that “the status quo as a whole became unbearable and reached a breaking point”.

Sha’ath pointed out to the various crimes of the “Israeli” apartheid regime which are escalating by the day among which are the attempts to alter the status quo of the immense Muslim holy site of al-Haram al-Sharif and their attacks and desecrations of al-Aqsa Mosque.

Furthermore, the “Israeli” forces had recently demolished a great number of Palestinian houses in East al-Quds [Jerusalem] and were trying to push forth a bill for settlement expansion.

Not to mention, the land-grabbing and looting of Palestinian waters and natural resources by the “Israeli” regime in addition to subjecting the Gaza Strip to a continuous blockaded and a cycle of criminal wars of aggression.

Sha’ath indicated that the Palestine youth are hopeless given the light that they are the target of heavy-handed tactics.

“It became unacceptable to the youth of Palestine to be banned from their own streets, while the Zionist settlers enter Palestinian towns and villages, violate and loot them” he said.

Saeb Sha’ath interpreted that among the tactics are “carrying out political arrests against the Palestinians who protest the actions of the Zionist occupation”.

The Middle East expert assured that “we are witnessing an Intifada [uprising]. However to escalate, to advance and to continue its heroic struggle, it must command a unified popular support, which can only be achieve through the immediate formation of a unified national leadership to collectively lead the struggle and orchestrate the actions and activities of the popular resistance, in a manner that can make the Zionist occupation of Palestine very costly.”

When asked about the latest round of unrest in the Occupied Palestine, Sha’ath declared that there is “No going back”; he emphasized that “the Youth of the current Palestinian Intifada have had it with the unbearable humiliating and very costly status quo”.

Moreover, Sha’ath explained that the “Israeli” apartheid regime is “tempted to use the same formula of over a year ago, to attack parts of the occupied West Bank, and then wage another wave of their criminal genocidal campaigns of aggression on the Gaza Strip, to inflect more misery on the people of Palestine”.

He also shed light on the Arab as well as international neglect to the Palestinian cause noting that “Arab regimes are aiding the Zionist entity by putting pressure on the Palestine side”.

“For the USA and Western European countries, the Zionists entity’s violations of human rights or war crimes, matter little” he added.

Sha’ath concluded: “the official Zionist narrative will always be accepted, as facts among most western corporate media outlets. It’s a narrative defended by many Western decision-making institutions; to them the Palestinian resistance, rock throwers, bystanders, kids, the young or the elderly, are terrorists or potential terrorists”.

“That it is the substance of occupation, colonization and imperialism, which the unstoppable struggle of the Arab Palestinian people is determined to defeat” Sha’ath declared.

Source: al-Ahed News, Edited by website team