Yemen has been pounded daily by Saudi forces since March.




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Yemen has come under fresh Saudi airstrikes amid a worsening humanitarian situation.

Warplanes hit a house in Ta’izz province killing ten people from one family. They also carried out raids in Ma’rib, Sa’ada and Jawf provinces. Yemen has been pounded by Saudi forces on an almost daily basis since March. The military aggression and a Saudi blockade of Yemen have created a humanitarian catastrophe. The United Nations Children’s Fund says over half a million Yemeni youngsters are facing life-threatening malnutrition. It says the figure has tripled since the Saudi onslaught.

Published on 17 Oct 2015


  1. What is going on over there? I think the Saudi’s just killed some of there own to in the last few days.

  2. Comment. umm the situation in Yemen is horrible and painful . but the one thing that everyone knows is that . America is the trouble maker all over the world they must stop spiling blood in the name of peace keeping . God is the answer I kno.