Saudi forces say strike that killed Yemeni kids was ‘legitimate,’


The officials say more than 43 kids were killed and 60 other kids were wounded in the air raids that targeted a bus carrying students. They say most of the victims are children. The International Committee of the Red Cross confirmed the Saudi-led attack targeted a bus. The coalition described the attack as legitimate. It insisted the airstrikes targeted Yemeni missile launchers. Saudi Arabia began its war on Yemen in March 20-15. Since then, nearly 15 thousand Yemenis have been killed.Iran condemns as a war crime, the Saudi-led air attacks that hit a school bus in Yemen’s Sa’ada province.


قتل اطفال اليمن تراه السعودية بالقانوني والشرعي


  1. If the Saudis had simply apologized for the mistake it would have had a far better effect on healing the psychological terror they are creating in the poor Yemeni people.