Saudi’s airstrike killed 50 Yemeni children



The aftermath of Saudi Arabia’s airstrike on a bus in Yemen’s

The aftermath of Saudi Arabia’s airstrike on a bus in Yemen’s Sa’ada province…the mangled remains of the bus and the crater on the ground clearly shows the power of the air raid…Saudi Arabia claims it targeted Yemeni missile launchers. But Yemenis deny this. The international Committee of the Red Cross has confirmed the Yemenis’ account. Dozens of people died in the incident most of them children. Saudi Arabia has defended the attack in saada as legitimate military operation. It also said the airstrikes targeted those who killed children. It’s highly unlikely the attack will change the course of the war in favor of the Yemenis as the international community has kept silent on the atrocities of war committed in Yemen. In June 2016, the United Nations’ former chief Ban ki-moon put Saudi Arabia and its allies on an ignoble list of armies that kill and maim children. Later, he made a u-turn but with an admission. Ban’s reluctant denial does not change the reality. Yemen’s ministry of health says the Saudi war has so far killed some three thousand children. thousands of others have been maimed. The Saudi-led coalition enjoys full support from the US France and the UK. The three countries are the major suppliers of arms for the Saudis. they have been accused by rights groups of putting economic gains above human rights. the US, France and Britain sell Saudi Arabia billions of dollars worth of arms each year. Washington and London also provide Riyadh with intelligence, military advice and target assistance to the Saudi war on Yemen. a media report in may said US has even deployed special forces to help the Saudis in their fight. The yemen conflict is now a war of attrition. There are no signs the Saudi-led coalition will win the war. It seems the international community does not have the will to end the conflict. And as it drags on, it’s the Yemeni civilians who have to bear the brunt of the war.