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Culture & Arts2 weeks ago

Stealing ancient Palestinian artefacts

Zionist entity 'Israel' has frequently stolen and acquired ancient artifacts from the occupied Palestine using its occupation forces,unauthorised dealers and...

Hugo Chavez Mausoleum Hugo Chavez Mausoleum
Culture & Arts4 weeks ago

Venezuela What Next?

SaebPress – BelfastBy Fra Hughes  There is a radical quarantine in place in Venezuela at the present time as the...

Featured4 weeks ago

Palestinian inmates on hunger strike

Three Palestinian prisoners in an Israeli prison are still on a hunger strike they declared a few weeks ago in...

Bobby-Storey-funeral Bobby-Storey-funeral
Featured1 month ago

Northern Ireland regional government in crisis

The North of Ireland after partition had an inbuilt pro-British unionist colonial population and through this inbuilt gerrymandered majority the...

Culture & Arts2 months ago

Nelson Mandela on Palestine

Nelson Nelson Mandela on Palestine, Libya and Cuba in a 1990 town hall meeting, held in New York City and...

Featured2 years ago

رحلة السفر من غزة الى مصر

بعد ثلاث ساعات نادونا بأسمائنا، فقمنا بتعبئة البيانات، وسلّمنا جوازات السفر، وبقينا ننتظر، ومرّت ساعة وساعتان، وثلاث وأربع، حتى الساعة...

Featured2 years ago

Saeb Shaath, USA supports Saudi attacks on Yemen

Saeb Shaath, ‘unites of an elit[e US soldiers called the Green Berets were deployed last year to the Saudi Arabia-Yemen...

Featured2 years ago

US and Israel are too weak to wage a new war

Saeb Shaath analyzing the Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, remarks in his speech the...

Culture & Arts2 years ago

Jewish groups in Britain are wagging an incitement campaign against Geremy Corbyn.

Jewish groups in Britain and the Zionist entity ‘Israel’ are wagging an incitement campaign against Geremy Corbyn. Shaath: ‘Geremy Corbyn...

Featured2 years ago

Saudi’s airstrike killed 50 Yemeni children

The aftermath of Saudi Arabia’s airstrike on a bus in Yemen’s Sa’ada province The aftermath of Saudi Arabia’s airstrike on a...

Documentary: Ireland & Palestine

Documentary: Jews Step Forward