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United in Palestine United in Palestine
Interviews1 month ago

In defence of Jerusalem al-Quds and ‎al Aqsa mosque

When over 100 thousand Palestinians men and women insisted on praying in the Al-Aqsa Mosque and in its surroundings, they...

Tehran has never severed ties with the IAEA Tehran has never severed ties with the IAEA
Interviews2 months ago

Iran’s ‘logical path’ to saving JCPOA

Press TV talkes to Dr Saeb Shaath about his take on roadmap that leads the US to return to its...

Interviews3 months ago

Thousands of political prisoners in Bahrain are facing deaths

Most of the prisoners were imprisoned as part ‎of a crackdown on a 2011 uprising… they are ‎detained in prisons...

Benjamin-Netanyahu-stands-by-a-screen-with-a-purported-image-of-Iranian-scientist-Mohsen-Fakhrizadeh-during-a-news-conference-iApril-30-2018 Benjamin-Netanyahu-stands-by-a-screen-with-a-purported-image-of-Iranian-scientist-Mohsen-Fakhrizadeh-during-a-news-conference-iApril-30-2018
Featured7 months ago

Who is behind the assassination of Iranian Scientists?

"NYT summarizes the “chilling message” that “American officials” want to send to Iranian top nuclear scientists with today’s assassination: “If...

News7 months ago

Trump finally conceding he lost the US election

SaebPress Donald Trump said Monday he no longer opposes government aid for Joe Biden’s transition team in his closest statement...

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
Interviews8 months ago

US president-elect Joe Biden and the Middle East

If Joe Biden rejoins the Iran nuclear ‎agreement ‎ and adopts Obama’s approach to the two-state ‎solution, with Palestine issue,...

Featured8 months ago

Are the French officials declaring open war on Islam?

France declared a war on Islam by supporting the publication of satirical cartoons insulting to the Prophet Muhammad.

UN ends the arms embargo on Iran ‎ UN ends the arms embargo on Iran ‎
Featured8 months ago

UN ends the arms embargo on Iran ‎

SaebPress UN Security Council’s arms restrictions against Tehran have all been terminated in defiance of the United States’ > An...

Featured8 months ago

The US’s theft of the Syrian crude oil

Shaath: The American company Delta Crescent Energy LLC, ‎made a deal with the Kurdish forces S.D.F . Now both the...

News9 months ago

Analysing Lebanon’s multiple crises

The United States on September 8 slapped sanctions on two former cabinet ministers in Lebanon over support for Hezbollah as...

Documentary: Ireland & Palestine

Documentary: Jews Step Forward